The skills of a hair colorist 2018

It’s very difficult in todays world of social media every stylist and colorist claiming to know how to paint your hair. Or claiming to know how to give you the right hair cut that will compliment your facial features, In order to be able to be a skill master craft colorist or hair cutter it takes the average of 10,000 hours with is equal to five straight years of only practicing one skill, So next time your looking for a stylist or a hair colorist think of this, Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 8.01.05 AM

How to get the best hair color you want, Don’t end up like some of the clients that always call me because they had an unexperienced colorist do their hair,  I get call from clients that wanted a BALAYAGE HAIR COLOR and ended up with stripy highlight cause they went to the wrong salon and to a stylist that had no IDEA what balayage is.


Don’t end up as a hair color correction it is more affordable to have your hair done right and get what you want than to pay me the fee of a hair color correction Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez – 2018 , The brighter rIDEAS of hair color.

Its more affordable to have your hair done right from the beginning with an experience true Master-craft hair colorist than to pay for a hair color correction due to the time and knowledge that it takes to save the day and your hair!

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