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Hair color after Covid 19

It’s been very hard for everyone salons got closed down and business is at a stand still. I. My forty years of being a hair dresser never have I experienced anything like this . The stand still of no business no coloring no nails and no interaction with others ,

Hair color correction

Blonde and highlighting: One of the things about hair coloring is that if your unhappy with your current color , there are easy ways to change it or enhance the color you have now. Highlighting can be enhance with a combination of hand painted balayage hair painting for a better

Hair colorist Martin Rodrigue 2020

Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez The Brighter ideas of hair coloring-Balayage – Hair painting ,Three D— Hair color Top reasons why color won’t last All hair color should be treated with keratin shampoo and amino acids for long lasting color, A regular sulfate shampoo will work great. WHY hair color won’t

Hair color correction

Are you unhappy with your color? Did you have you color done in a salon and not satizfied with the results, Not all hair color correction are the same, the best way to assist you in correction your hair is to have a consultation so we may figure out the

Hair coloring

Getting the right hair coloring takes more than Just application it takes knowledge of hair color ingredients and how the function , yes many people get lucky or someone might be able to maintain your previous work but not for long . I have always said that a great color

Hair color correction

Correcting hair color on brunette hair can be challenging if you don’t understand the way that color works . From not enough lightening to using the wrong color formulation . Many hair colorist don’t know that the color of protein is actually yellow and as a colorist we are not

Hair color correction 2020

There is many types of hair color correction , some can be simple to fix and others can be very time consuming and one much have a clear picture of past history to be able to achieve the best results when correcting certain hair color that went wrong . In

The NEW blonde hair color

As a hair colorist in all my years of coloring hair I would have to say that blonde hair coloring is one of the most desired hair color tones, From sun kiss golden blonde to the strawberry radiant tones, some clients are more Attracted to the clear Nordic icy blonde

Fixing Your Hair Color

Fixing poor hair color correction jobs, As a colorist I get so many text and e mails regarding peoples hair color correction . My thoughts on this is that not all salons are capable of correcting most bad color jobs , Not all salons and stylist have the knowledge that

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