Hair color correction The No brass zone 2019

In today’s world of hair coloring so many women want a variation of blonde hair color tones with out the orangy brassy red . My recommendation is to schedule plenty of time and Check your budget this service takes well over five hours . Not every salon or stylist is

Are you tired of getting the wrong hair color

Achieving the right color tone for your hair takes more understanding than just applying color , one must understand the variance in hair texture including eye color and sling tone . Depending on your background Hispanic women tend to have a variation of texture as well as Asian or African

Hair color corrections by Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez

The Brighter Ideas of hair coloring with hair colorist Martin Rodriguez With social media most clients only see the before and afters of hair color corrections having no idea of the time and preparation of what hair color corrections take, In order to have a great color correction the well

Nordic Blonde Hair coloring

The Brighter Ideas of Hair Color Contouring light blonde hair color Hair color correction getting away from orange hair Contouring golden copper hair Color Appointments available at Appointments Hair Colorist Martin Rodriguez serving Orange County and Los Angeles County since 1984

The world of hair coloring

I’ve been a hair colorist for well over 35 years and have seen so many changes in the beauty industry from color company’s to hair styles . In the early eighties most clients wanted to be bleach blondes, back in those days Not many colorist where well informed about the

Rainbow hair painting

Most people love to see color on others they always admire it and would like to try it at some point . in the salon when I’m Doing what some would call strange hair color I get clients that walk by and always make comments or want to touch the

Best hair color 2018, Orange County ca 92708

Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez , The best steps to getting the color you want and not having the hair over processed , knowing the limits of what the hair can handle at each salon visit. This is the process when coloring hair and how it works black hair contains more

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