Hair and color questions 2018

Here is a list of the most hair-color question I get from clients 2018

1. What color would look good on me? Hair color should compliment the skin tone many clients can have a verity of tones the longest the colors compliment each other.

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 7.37.03 AM

2. Why does my hair grow out so fast? Most clients hair tends to grow out half an inch a month some clients hair grows our faster when exercises and maintain a healthy life style.

3. Can I go lighter without damaging my hair? I love this question many clients already know the answer to this question, Nevertheless we must explain in simple words that when coloring hair we are using chemicals .

4.Can I maintain my hair color after I get it done in the salon? For some clients its an extra expense to have their hair color done in the salon , Please remember that it is more  expensive to fix and correct hair color than to have it done right by me the color expert, So please budget accordingly .

5. I have blue black hair color and I want to be blonde without using bleach ?  Any time that you want to make changes with color we have to use bleach to lighten as much as posisable this service can take all day to do it right , we have to treat the hair to maintain the integrity of the hair.

6. I have fashion color can I go back to blonde without seeing a colorist? Great question how much do you know about the hair color chemistry and the color wheel and do you know what colors to use to neutralize unwanted tones.


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