Month: October 2017

Women’s contouring Short Sassy hair 2017

The way I feel about hair is that very Hair cut has to speak for itself, By adding the right amount of texture it will have more movement and be more playful, the contouring should be done with color tones to enhance the cut specially if it’s framing the face

Strobing contouring hair Painting

Hair colorist Martin rodriguez

Dads styling hair at home with flat iron

As a hair stylist the job is never done with your little girl or teen, Ive had so much fun with my daughters hair that at times I have to come up with new ideas on settling her hair . My hope is that this inspires more dads to styles

Hair color Correction Orange county ca, Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez

Hair color correction is one of the most complex color service , it takes time and the understanding of color chemistry , Every hair color correction is deferent not two are the same some clients have over processed hair, Other clients may come in with unwanted colors that they had

Hair Color Goals with style

Times have changed drastically the old days that companies through parties for their employees are gone, In the old days we would get clients that would book ahead for hair styling and color services to look their best for their company parties women would get all exited and get dolled

Blond hair-color

Not all BLONDE hair color is the same , Depending the contribution of the clients hair determinants the outcome of you’re color . The say Blondes have for fun, I say only if the color looks great! Blond hair will never goes out of style it’s a classic look in hair coloring. By hair colorist

Balayage for Brunette hair

Balayage for Brunette hair « Blog The brighter ideas of hair color Mens hair cuts & color » Brunette hair is very difficult to avoid the orange tones when you lighten the hair, Martin Rodriguez understand what it takes to avoid the unwanted orange color that ends up looking brassy.

Red hair color Painting

HOT RED HAIR COLORing by Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez Founder of ColourWand balayage tools.You’ve finally noticed the perfect Red-Hair Coloring shade in a magazine. What you don’t realize is that the color of one’s skin tone can affect that perfect hair color. This is a lesson I’ve learned after years

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