Hair Color Goals with style

Times have changed drastically the old days that companies through parties for their employees are gone, In the old days we would get clients that would book ahead for hair styling and color services to look their best for their company parties women would get all exited and get dolled up for these events form having their make up done to fancy hair styles that would compliment their wardrobe.Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 8.31.45 AM.png

Bringing us into the new era of hair and color services , Clients are still wanting to look their best. Hair color services are more sought out today than ever before from covering gray hair for men and women to highlighting with balayage hair painting. Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez says that most people want hair color to last longer and look as natural as possible.


Women today love their longhair due to the changes that they can have with long hair ,its easier to put up specially if they are active in exercise.


The younger generation is more into fun coloring from multiple tones to very blonde coloring , some still may ask for fun bright fashion colors.


Tips on hair coloring and ideas.

 Hair Color Goals.

I WANT GO LIGHTER with my hair

This doesn’t automatically mean blonde, But  You can still be a lighter with various shades of lighter tones.
Adding a little sun kiss color around the face line is a great start and not overly done.Keep in mind when we  lighten hair color it goes through a process of chemical change and Its best to keep tones that enhance your skin tone.


If your hair is currently color-treated, we can Add Highlights to lighten your overall look Enhance your Color by changing it two to for shades lighter. Adding back ground color or low-lighting and Hair Gloss to give you healthy shiny hair. Its always great to have a hair color goal and style.


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