Hair color Correction Orange county ca, Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez

Hair color correction is one of the most complex color service , it takes time and the understanding of color chemistry , Every hair color correction is deferent not two are the same some clients have over processed hair, Other clients may come in with unwanted colors that they had done with could be simple or horrific Hair coloring .

Here is a clients that wanted to be blonde her natural level of color is a dark brown, she ended up with stripes and orange hair. Look at the images to the left.

The images on the right are the correction that hair colorist Martin Rodriguez made after six hours of proper hair color correction her hair was treated and corrected.



Clients come in with very dry looking hair and unwanted orange tones with stripes in their hair, all hair color correction are done by Martin Rodriguez, Not by assistants

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 8.26.38 AM.pngGetting rid of purple red hair color or any other unwanted hair coloring please visit Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez for more info. on hair color correction or schedule on line at

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