Month: June 2022

The brighter ideas of hair coloring

As a colorist it is important to always have a conversation with clients about their hair when they come sit in my chair . Many clients in past could have had bad experiences with their hair color . I believe that today many hair dressers are not up to par

Variations of hair color

Balayage and contrast

Balayage is so popular with clients cause they can extend their salon visit a bit longer than traditional hair color appointment. Adding contrast to a lighter balayage can make it appear more natural as if you where born with the color. The balayage application is great for any type of

Lightest blond color

Hair color correction

Balayage the look

So many clients are looking at the technique called balayage calling salons across the country. The look of balayage is a technique that delivers specific placement of color which can be done in light or any combination of tones. This look is more natural looking and color placement is very

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