The Brightest Ideas of Hair color by Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez

Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez specializes in hair Blonding , color-Correction Balayage hair painting  and gray hair coverage for men and women.Hair cuts and styling that complements your lifestyle.

Voted best of the best hair colorist by Martin rodriguez

Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez believes that hair is not just how you want to look, But what you want to express yourself.

 As a stylist, I believe starting with color closer to your natural level, and then increasing the intensity gradually, creates the sun-kissed effect that is both subtly dramatic and luxurious. The Ombre trend was huge and exciting. Yet once the novelty wore off, the boldness of the style was left seeming more cheap than creative. Sombre and Balayage hair painting retain the artistic quality of Ombre color the Variance between the two are huge due to the Gradient pattens that I use while coloring your hair to achieve the best natural looking hair color , while advancing the 

Technique to more masterful levels.  

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HAIR STYLIST MARTIN RODRIGUEZ won the 2017 City Beat News Award for Service Excellence!


Hair color when is the best time for changes on hair color, Hair color does not have to be drastic a great way is to have a consultation with you’re colorist . Adding a little color may just be the subtle change your hair needs. For blondes just a little  copper and gold hair color will add the right combination of tones to make that hair look brighter. Lighting play a huge part in hair color during the winter months color can look a little dull due to the lack of sun light. It is the best time to start with a new shade of hair color by adding brighter tones and giving the hair more spark.   In spring all plants are in bloom nature can give us some of the best coloring ideas as well , plants and flowers are in bloom with vibrant color tones and radiant shades that we can get ideas for hair. Hair coloring can be done as if you where born with it ! Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez takes many things in consideration when it comes to you’re hair coloring , looking at the iris colors around the eyes allows him to really understand all the possibilities for you’re hair, Hair color is not a guessing game, one ,just follow the laws of hair coloring from hair color chemistry to the understanding of all the chemicals that are in coloring to prevent damage to the hair.


California balayage hair painting

1. Balayage literally translates to “sweeping.” When done correctly, the colorist takes a small section of hair and sweeps the color using a gradient technique going from dark to lightter onto the top. Then, he or she uses a ColourWand paddle to apply more color toward the bottom of the hair creating melting blended color. This method of lightening towards the ends gives the colorist more control and creates the effortless gradient sun-kissed highlights everyone wants this time of year.
2. It’s not just for blondes. Martin uses balayage techniques applications on , Brunette – redheaded clients for multi-dimensional coloring.

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 9.22.56 PM

“Hair color that is all one shade can look Un-natural and without contrast and vibrant tones like a wig,” Martin says.
3. It works on gray hair. Balayage is a smart solution for gray hair because it allows the colorist to specifically target gray strands without touching the scalp we can use multiple colors.
4. If You have long hair we should cut, then color. In most salons, women get their hair colored, cut, and blow-dried by a stylist.

Booking your trim before coloring your colorist can work specifically to compliment the cut, which minimizes the risk of chopping off the pretty, lighter ends (and ruining the effect).
5. Please don’t wash your hair before . If you’re adding highlights with balayage, you should come with oily hair to protect the scalp. But if you’re getting a single process, it’s better to come as you are, Martin says.

Balayage hair painting ,Bombre-Sombre- by Martinrodriguez.com

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