Hair colorist Martin Rodrigue 2020

ColourWand Balayage tools and brushes

Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez

The Brighter ideas of hair coloring-Balayage – Hair painting ,Three D— Hair color

Top reasons why color won’t last

All hair color should be treated with keratin shampoo and amino acids for long lasting color, A regular sulfate shampoo will work great.

WHY hair color won’t last.

1.Using the wrong shampoo

2.sunlight will destroy the red dyes

3. Dry hair, environment and ph in hair

4.Copper deposits from water

5. Sweating and acid salts can cause hair color to fade and prevent great coverage .

6.Bad formulations and under timing color

Blonde curly hair

red hair coloring with various tones

Red hair color

If you love red hair like I do the brighter the better hair color looks amazing when we use more than three tones to add reflection with background. hair colorist Martin rodriguez at Ooh la la salon spa Fountain valley ca

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