Hair color correction 2020

There is many types of hair color correction , some can be simple to fix and others can be very time consuming and one much have a clear picture of past history to be able to achieve the best results when correcting certain hair color that went wrong . In correcting hair color following certain steps are a must .

Step one . Consultation

Step two .Understanding what the client needs, and is it posible to fix in one session or will it take more than three visits or over 8 hours to fix

Step. Three

Is the hair to dark

Is the hair to light

Is the hair to warm or to light these are questions that have to be clear .

Other types of correction are when clients end up with stripes or get an affect of coloring that looks like a zebra

Before pics and finished look on top

Hair color Corrections by hair colorist Martin Rodriguez

For more information on hair color please visit

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