The NEW blonde hair color

As a hair colorist in all my years of coloring hair I would have to say that blonde hair coloring is one of the most desired hair color tones, From sun kiss golden blonde to the strawberry radiant tones, some clients are more Attracted to the clear Nordic icy blonde tones.Most colors can be achieved within reason some hair color jobs may take longer than six hours depending on the history of your hair specially if the hair is dark.

Shadow root neutral blonde with lightest nordic blonde cool tones

Natural blonde hair color starts at a level six been else know as dish water color, some clients hair may contain more gold than others depending on the coloring g of their eyes.

golden light balayage tones

Not all BLONDE hair color is the same , Depending the contribution of the clients hair determinants the outcome of your color .

The say Blondes have for fun, I say only if the color looks great! Blond hair will never go out of style it’s a classic look in hair coloring. By hair colorist Martin Rodriguez

Silver light ash tones
contour ash blonde

The brighter Ideas Of Hair coloring by hair colorist Martin Rodriguez, please visit my website to schedule an appointment all hair coloring is done by Martin to give you 100% attention to your hair, I have always said that great hair coloring takes time , it is very important to me as your colorist to give you the color you want.


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