Fixing Your Hair Color

Fixing poor hair color correction jobs, As a colorist I get so many text and e mails regarding peoples hair color correction . My thoughts on this is that not all salons are capable of correcting most bad color jobs , Not all salons and stylist have the knowledge that it takes to be able to fix hair color jobs, Not every hair salon and stylist even understand the way color works nor do they even know their own color line. In my years of a colorist I’ve spend countless hours in chemistry classes and educating my self to be able to understand the way and laws of hair color. I want to share some of my work of hair color corrections. Here are a few more things to consider when getting your color done ,texture of hair matters, past color history, eye color, skin color, most of all if your hair is over processed or fried to make it simple no amount of treatment will save this hair some treatment will repair temporally in some cases hair has to be cut.

Ideas to help you understand hair color

Lets say your hair is as dark of a cup of black coffee and you want it the lightest as possible, using cream we know we can lighten that cup of coffee but how much cream will it take and time we would have to replace it with a much bigger container right. so in hair coloring a head of black hair color this takes time specially if we want to save the hair from getting over processed think about this again we are going lighter look at all the images of cups if we don’t add enough cream you will end up brassy and orange so this will take a long time many hours in hair coloring to achieve a much lighter color tone. here is another picture so you can see what happened to a client that i spent over 6 hours fixing this color , background of client asian hair with heavy dark brown eyes.

Before client came in with dark base color and orange brassy tones, she was told that that was blonde two days after she came to see me in my salon to have it fixed I told her it would take over 6 hours to fix and she was thrilled loved it.
This client came in with just a few thin highlights that where damaged the salon she went to told her that the application they did was a balayage . this client took me over 7 hours to lighten when we where done to color tones and new look even made her look much younger she loved her new look here if the afters below.
Hair color correction results after fixing it for over 7 hours asian hair very dark almost black with 45% gray

Fixing hair color on clients that have some gray hair it’s a whole different game.

For consultation on any type of hair coloring please visit my website all hair color is done by Martin Rodriguez Not by assistants! HTTPS://MARTINRODRIGUEZ.COM

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