Hair color corrections by Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez

The Brighter Ideas of hair coloring with hair colorist Martin Rodriguez

With social media most clients only see the before and afters of hair color corrections having no idea of the time and preparation of what hair color corrections take, In order to have a great color correction the well seasoned colorist must have knowledge on hair color chemistry and the understanding of neutralizing unwanted tones, Most stylist try to remove unwanted colors , but in reality we cannot remove here is why the cuticle gets stained and when a colorist try to lighten the hair the stain in the cuticle only gets a lighter tone. Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez understands that in order to correct hair color properly we must Neutralize the tone first.

Here are some samples if a client want to go platinum and she has being color red violet for the past three years, Most stylist will not take the challenge to lack of knowledge and the long process ,in most cases this client will end up with ORANGE HAIR COLOR.

The process of hair color correction.

Not all hair color correction are the same , some can take over three visits to the salon , some can be as simple as just a few hours.

over three hours correction this bleached out blonde hair

This client had visited a prior salon and wanted blonde hair color ended up very stripy and orange blotchy color, the clients background ,Latin hair has is very dark with the underlinement of red orange 🍊 so in this case it will take a while to lighten and tone the hair properly.

Going lighter on natural curly hair

Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez recommends scheduling a consultation prior to having your hair color correction done, for further info on hair color correction please visit Https://

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