The world of hair coloring

I’ve been a hair colorist for well over 35 years and have seen so many changes in the beauty industry from color company’s to hair styles . In the early eighties most clients wanted to be bleach blondes, back in those days Not many colorist where well informed about the chemicals we use in that period . I remember working g for a well seasoned German hair dresser and he taught me how to mix our own developer . He would purchase a 32oz of 130volume witch was so harmful if you got it on your hands or an any part of clothing . To mix various volumes we would use a hydrometer and distilled water.

In hair coloring various companies have switched from ammonia hair color to EMA due to the non smell of chemical fumes and non itch products , one of the things I have seen is the Ema products are not easy to wash out of the hair so the chemical ema is still activated for some time after shampooing the hair at least three times , secondly I feel that the hair fibers may get thinner as time goose on as if the chemical EMA is eating the hair from the outside in.

As a hair colorist I still would rather use ammonia base hair color due to the fact that our bodies produced ammonia and peroxide if a client is allergic to hair color it would be another chemical in hair color such as ppd or another ingredient .

Ammonia based hair color correction with 20 low volume developer and toner with Amp Not EMa

I love using these pure tone hair color deposit color not only will it work to blend gray , it will else tone out any unwanted shade this product does Not contain EMA. It contains AMP witch it is much better to work with and washes out of the hair without leaving any residue ..

Tones with Chromastics liquid shades

Toned with murals and ash

Working on brunette hair can be challenging do to the fact is most hair color companies add a brown background tone to hair coloring , so it is more difficult to lighten if the client has colored hair in past.

In hair coloring one should always consider past hair color history, The texture of hair , eye color ,hair colorist Martin Rodriguez

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Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez

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