IMG_7003Through out the years working as a  hair colorist , You get to experience the thoughts and the fibs people tell about hair including hair stylist they give out asnwers that are not true. When a client will ask me a question Ill think about it and If I do not know that answer to the question , My first response is Ill get back you on that question.

Top five fibs about hair

5.Rinsing you hair in cold water,

(Science has shown no affect and No difference whether you use cold or hot water, It does not have a change in hair)

4.Home made beer and eggs for a treatment. ( Keep the eggs for making pancakes and why waste a good beer enjoy it on a hot summer day.

( Proteins need to be a certain size smaller than 125 in the molecular weight in oder to deposit into the cuticle of hair.)

3. Get a hair cut every three weeks this way your hair will grow faster,

( Really first of all your hair grows from the roots of hair under your scalp , How will cutting your hair make it grow faster , Even with so much stimulation it will not grow like weeds.)

2.Coconut Oil,  its the best for hair.

(NO,NO,NO, this coconut keep it in the kitchen for baking or fried chicken it is the worst for hair its to big in molecule size it hardens on the outside of the cuticle and will not allow anything else to get through, Think about it when you have clients that use this product all the time their hair has a funky smell.)

The number one FIB 

Using lemon on your hair and sitting out in sunlight to achieve hair color highlighting.

(What , first of all lemon is an acid it actually decreases the cuticle and does not allow much to swell, in hair coloring the change come from alkaline chemicals in hair color this is what cause hair to lighten when mixed with developer. )

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 6.36.58 AM


IMG_0572 2D0D654D8-AF0F-494A-9F66-D9160CD15041


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