Know your color

It takes quite a bit of knowledge to give a client the best color they want , hair coloring and the use of chemicals it does not matter if it’s called organic or not in today’s world of hair coloring so many companies relay information on what the public wants to hear , let’s look a little further into this matter companies have been using ammonia color for many years and some have put the fear into the consumer saying ammonia is bad and giving it a bad name, never the less when ammonia based color is mixed with a developer the ammonia desapates from the hair in about ten minutes so the odder is gone and I prefer using these products over the New and improve MEA chemical this product is more costing in hair than ammonia one must know this due to the chemicals in MEA it keeps on working even after you have shampoo the hair so as a stylist we must treat the hair more than the ammonia products to stop the action of process . So as a colorist I prefer color that has ammonia and AMP . Know your color-line after all we are the colorist hair colorist Martín Rodriguez

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