Hair colorist 2018

Hair color services and salon services

Hair is like a fabric to a hair stylist , it gives us the opportunity to create a new look or maintain what the clients has already, As a colorist I love to consult with my clients every time they come back to see me no matter how they love their hair.

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Salon home care products

Home care for the clients hair it’s an important part of the service , Recommending the right product to take care of the color and to be sure that clients are treating the hair with proper proteins that will repair the hair without building up on hair.

Hair color correction

Getting RID of unwanted fashion colors or a color that you unhappy with

Going to blond and getting Rid of red Haircolor

It takes more than just bleaching hair out when getting rid of unwanted color tones , Knowing and the understanding of neutralizing hair color that is not wanted on hair only longer, Most people would use the color green to try to neutralize this red which if they did it would turn out muddy green.



Not all BLONDE hair color is the same , Depending the contribution of the clients hair determinants the outcome of you’re color .

They say Blondes have for fun, I say only if the color looks great! Blond hair will never go out of style it’s a classic look in hair coloring as a colorist understanding how to achieve the best blond tones is not a gift it is years of learning and having the right type of trying how to maintain the hair healthy enough to be able to get it as light as possible without having the hair fall our or without frying the hair.

Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez says treating the hair is the first step to getting great color this is my first rule secondly clients must AGREE to home hair care that is recommended for their hair , you see this is a partnership between the colorist and the client both have to agree to be able to achieve this goal .1BD98B14-0726-43C2-AF8B-4D669533852F


The myth of COCONUT Oil for your hair

So many people are told the coconut oil is great for their hair and so many companies have this ingredients in their product to sell to consumers, What the avarage person does not know is that when companies use this Ingredient of coconut oil it is broken down to a certain level to be able to use in product. The consumer goes out and buys buckets of coconut oil and starts applying it on their hair as a daily conditioner or as a treatment. Coconut oil molecule size is to big to penetrate into the lipids of hair it does nothing good on hair what it does DO gets hard and acts as a barrier on hair so the hair no longer gets as clean it starts to look dull , it no longer drys fast , this product else gets in the way of hair coloring . One of the things I do love coconut oil for is in my kitchen I do love to cook with it, I do Not Like it in hair.

Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez



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