Blond hair-color Correction

Going to blond and getting Rid of red Haircolor

It takes more than just bleaching hair out when getting rid of unwanted color tones , Knowing and the understanding of neutralizing hair color that is not wanted on hair only longer, Most people would use the color green to try to neutralize this red which if they did it would turn out muddy green.


Lets say you have a client with Blue hair and she want to be blond , Do you know how to achieve this without frying the client hair ? Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez takes a whole different approach to neutralizing hair color first , then he follows with repairing the hair with proteins and amino acids  to make sure the hair is strong and the hair color is able to take without any issues .8A7693B7-9CCE-4AE4-90B6-3179BE795CA7IMG_0838IMG_0803

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