Blond Nation Under God

As a colorist I have to start by saying thank you , To the lord for giving me the freedom and the creativity that comes to each of us.

In the world of beauty we get to see it all working with the public and all the craze of social Media has made our jobs more difficult in the sense that a lot of stylist and colorist don’t post up the tour pictures of their work and many of them have become famous over night.


I have been doing hair for over three decades i remember when I got stared in the beauty business in order to get clients we have to be salesmen , I used to think and say wait I thought I wen t to school to do hair! never the less I knew inside me that if I did not go out and pass out brochures and flyers I would not make it in this crazy business Of HAIR DRESSING.

Today in 2018 social media has made it so much easier to showcase our work from facebook , to blogging and using other apps instagram, For me  I don’t think I have ever gotten any clients from these sites .I always ask clients how the find me and the big response is internet . This is what they say I was searching for a true colorist and your website name kept coming up. Of course that out a smile 😊 😃 😀 On my face you see from the very begging of the internet I kew I had to learn how to stay ahed of the crazy way of doing sales after all most jobs that we do have some sort of sales in them.

Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez  Show casting my work this is called .

Blond Nation Under GOD 2018

Shadow color melt on long hair Blond Clear white and Balayage hair painting 2018


Shadow Root for brunettes

Shadow root for brunnette

Brunette hair with shadow root color melt

When having your hair color always give your self plenty of time Great Hair takes time


Hair color can show a variety of shades and tones

Haircolor tones for 2018

Kin north america hair color

Hair color appointments available at

Hair services available from hair color correction to a simple gray color touch up, Balayage hair color , Men and women hair cutting. Haircolor-Blending, visit site for more info.



before and afters on hair color correction 2018

Hair color correction by



Balayage by Martin Rodriguez

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