Hair Color TRENDS 2018

Trends come and go working behind the chair  on clients that have daily lives from heading to work early in the morning , Moms getting ready rushing to get their kids of to school.The clients are our VIP’S in the salon the reality of the daily ritual leaves no time to think what is in style or what color trend is hot. Not every client can go silver gray or a color that is funky or fashion colors these clients have professional jobs so as a colorist I must always ask how their daily lives are and what do they do for a living.


Contouring balayage

A consultation is a Must to be able to achieve and determine their best look Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez

Hair color trends are not for everyone 2018

Martin IVY 391

💁Punky colors don’t always look great on professionals


👌🏾Dimensional hair color is a great way to add tones and highlights it else helps making hair look youthful.


Hair painting can be done on any one this technique is  unique and it can be done to look as natural as needed .

All pigment deposit for gray is a great way to camouflage 👐

❤️One of the best coloring technique that works on every client can be a combination of highlighting and balayage patterns used with multiple hair color tones and the use of selected shades .





before and afters on hair color correction 2018

Hair Color correction by


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