Higher expectations than been realistic with your hair.2018

Many people are born with natural looking curly hair with extreme tightens , This cover all curly hair from various back grounds, various texture density and coarseness .


Key points ask your self what are your expectations and please be realistic.


Is your hair easy to blow dry and make it lay flat, Will you be able to do the same type of blow drying as the stylist and use all the products that is necessary to make your hair look good.


Are you aware of the hair cut that you want and have you come to terms that you may not look like the pictures you saw in the internet.


Hair cuts are done according to each individual hair texture and don’t expect for curly hair once you have washed it to look the same when you left the salon ,  unless you put the time to styling , If you where so exited and happy in the salon and the next day you where not able to make the hair looks the same , you kay want to consider having your hair straighten to make it easier, Nothing is guaranteed but it might save you time in styling the hair.


Adding hair extensions to hair can change and enhance the look , adding long whips bangs keep in mind that all this takes time and make sure that its in your budget.

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