Here we re again at the time of spring when all the beautiful color are blooming , So many tones that stand out and the amazing contrast that can be added to hair , all these great Ideas hair colorist Martin Rodriguez takes from nature and the gradient patterns that plants and flowers provide its endless . Take a 🌸  for example how many tones do you see in the flower or in a plant this is one of the most dynamic changes in nature. A transformation of coloring can be done with all these ideas and placed into a master hair color application with intent of making you stand out from the rest. Hair colorist Martin rodriguez always keeping an open mind to change your hair.


Spring color for this year have not changed much color companies seem to be all in the right track of thinking  and all are making the sane tones , What does that tell me as a colorist ? Here is what makes a difference in coloring clients hair we must understand how hair color works in order to adjust accordlinly to each fabric or client that we are planning to color, Not all fabrics wood the same and Not all color formulations will work on everyone.

Sand color for spring , Pink gold , Dark blue silver or outer tones for blondes , peach tones some of the color will vary depending on the levels that we apply on .

One thing that never changes in hair coloring is the law hair color and the chemistry of it   and knowing the color wheel , all others are variables in hair coloring.

Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez is taking new clients  please check out his website to schedule appointments at Martinrodriguez.com

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Visit Martin at Ooh la la salon spa located in the heart of Fountain Valley ca

18120 Brookhurst Street unit 59

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