Fifty SHADES of Hair-Color 2018

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 12.30.34 PM

When it colors to Hair color shades It would be a limit if we only had Fifty Shades of hair coloring, Color can be mixed  to create a viraty of colors and shades, For example lets take the color RED level six , Most reds have a back ground color but by adding yellow pigment concentrate it would make it look brighter and more translucent as well now we have a different tone right? So now that we made a second tone lets just add a clear liquid to this color and we will create a diluted version of this color making a third tone, So by adding clears and Pigment tone we can create as many color shades as we want well over Fifty shades with just one color. As a colorist this is the way that I do my salon color creating individual hair color formulas for my clients.


Red with blue violet tones and with a brown background


Copper orange with yellow

Reds with pink and majenta

KIN Color Wheel

Hair color wheel taking a look at the red tones look at the 66 so now if you add m77 blue you would get a blue red

Same color 66 add 45/0 orange you would get a red orange


Can you determine the color in the above photo ?

This was a fun color formulation specially when the client has some gray hair. So with gray hair we must formulate the gray into our color formula.

Hair colorist Martin rodriguez

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