Having your hair done

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Thinking of having your hair done a new look or changing your hair color , Before you decide where to go please visit my site all my work is on my page real clients , Not phots and work that someone else did. Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez

Hair color- Balayage- shadow roots- Hair painting- Hair color correction -blonde specialist 2018

The Brighter ideas of hair color-Balayage-Hair painting 3D— color correction by Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez 2018


Shadow root color with balayage can be done in so many ways from a dark gradient pattern to medium tones into extra light ends , using the right hair color formulation these colors can look exceptional and outstanding , Clients can go longer in between visits to the salon 2018 All work is done by Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez, Not by assistants.

Having a bad hair day ? Are you disappointed with the bad hair cuts and colors that you get when you visit salons, Look no further not many stylist have the understanding and experience that Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez  has when it comes to  HAIR COLOR AND HAIR CUTTING , Stop searching you found your colorist.

Martin will give you the hair color you want, Don’t end up like some of the clients that always call me because they had an unexperienced colorist do their hair,  I get call from clients that wanted a BALAYAGE HAIR COLOR and ended up with stripy highlight cause they went to the wrong salon and to a stylist that had no IDEA what balayage is.

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