Balayage is here to stay for so may years we have been using foil to create highlights in hair the draw back of foiling hair is that at times if the stylist in not careful you can end up with to stripy hair color, secondly only one shade can be applied at a time.With ColourWand balayage contouring tools more than one shade can be done all at one time on a section of hair this creates a flowing movement of colors that look as if you were born with it. Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez has masterful ideas and does this technique to many clients no matter what ethnic background he says it can be done to any type of hair.

Clients have an idea and they want to be blonde at times not understanding that due to the history of past hair color application that at times it might take a few steps to achieve their goal.


This is the result after a 5 hour visit to the salon and removing all the brown and dull hair color, ended up with warm violet tones, This client has hazel eyes with gold around it, so in hair coloring she will always have sone gold left in her hair, Best to camouflage the blond tones with the gold.

Asian dark hair  is very similar to latino hair both types of hair can be wavy and heavy so one must have a lot of patience and time, Using the right formulation to lift to a desired level of coloring following with treatment and toning the hair with the right tones to cancel any unwanted color.

Before photos on asian thick previously colored hair 2018, in this case Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez removed some of the unwanted hair prior to using the ColourWand contouring method.


Before and afters



Red hair painting 2018

Hair painting can be done in multiple tones IMG_9092



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