Hair Coloring your hair ,what is the right color for you? 2018

What is the right hair color for you?

Hair color should complement your skin tone 2018

It’s not always easy finding the right salon to give you the look that you want, The right color and cut that will complement your facial bone structure. Most clients want to know what looks are the best for them and for their lifestyle. Hair Colorist Martin Rodriguez at Ooh la la salon spa has well over three decades in the beauty business and takes only one client at a time without any assistants  to make sure you’re getting the best service.

IMG_9085 2IMG_9084IMG_9081IMG_9080IMG_90697C29587F-026A-483B-8782-960C275D2D59IMG_9006C189E78F-9B67-4E6A-934A-EAA20698449C

Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez , Hair color SERVICES INCLUDE , Treatments for the hair before and after each chemical application to insure the health of your hair. Always styling and tips this way thew client can understand hoe to achieve the same look or various ways of styling.

Hair color correction

The Brighter ideas of hair coloring

Balayage Hair painting 3D

Hair Color correction

Shadow and Balayage color

Highlighting and contouring color

Hair Painting

Women and mens hair cutting

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by Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez 2018

Are you disappointed with the bad hair cuts and colors that you get when you visit salons, Look no further not many stylist have the understanding and experience that Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez  has when it comes to  HAIR COLOR AND HAIR CUTTING , Stop searching you found your colorist.


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