Blonde hair color with-out stripes 2018

Im so amazed on the turnout that I get when clients can’t seem to get what they are looking for in hair coloring ,Not every clients wants blonde stripes in their hair, If you take the time to consult and truly care about the clients needs most clients don’t care for stripy hair no matter what color you give them, Here are some examples that I correct in hair color from bleeding on the scalp from poor applications and poor color formulas bleeding hair color can happen when some stylist place a client under the dryer and this can happen when they don’t formulate properly . Hair colorist Blonde specialist and hair color correction Martin Rodriguez

Before hair color correction on blond hair 2018

Lines at the scalp called bleeding color

Stripes on scalp with brassy tones 2018

Haircolor correction for blondes2018

before and afters on hair color correction 2018

Hair color correction by

Blending hair color specialist 2018

This is after we fixed the spots and bleeding from hair color by Martin rodriguez

A happy client after having color fixed 2018

blond hair color

Balayage blending

Balayage contouring hair color 2018


Long hair balayage


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