Shadow root color and balayage 2018

The term shadow root color and balayage is a way to create a look of lighter hair color that gives the expression of grown out color , Easier to maintain in the long run clients feel that they can go a little longer between appointments , The blending of shadows can be manipulated by the colorist depending on the tones that will work with each individual client. Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez says lets work with what we have and blend it as subtle as possible without any harsh lines.


Brunette long hair with shadow root and various balayage tones , warm and light ,ash tones on dark hair. Most Dark hair will end up to orange when finished at this stage the hair needs to be toned to achieve the proper tone of color to get rid of the orange.

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Balayage color 2018-Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez


Hair by

level 6

Level 6 color with lighter ends can you tell how light the ends are and if this color is warm or not.

IMG_7398img_7589img_0626_2_med_hrScreen Shot 2018-01-16 at 7.45.45 AM

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