Blonds hair color for 2018 in 2018

Blond hair color in 2018 will be more softer looking not so dramatic , Due to the heavy bleaching and crazy looks in the past clients are looking to be more natural and still have amazing hair color with tones that compliment their skin tone.

Hair colorist Martinrodriguez


Balayage by Martin Rodriguez

The lightest levels of blonde are consider at levels 10 and above which can only be achieve by bleaching hair and toning to achieve a desired color tone or to get rid of unwanted yellow or orange brassy tones.

level 9

This is a combo if you look close to the base the color is warmer level 7 to the lighter 9 level on the ends

level 8 color

This is neutral levels 8 with two different levels of developer and gold concentrate on GRAY hair.

combo level 6-7-9

This is a combination of levels 6 thought 9
WARM tones with neutral and lighters pieces blended.


level 6

Level 6 color with lighter ends can you tell how light the ends are and if this color is warm or not.


I want to give you a list of things to consider when looking for a hair colorist whether if you decide to let me to it for you or find another colorist , The key is to feel comfortable and if you can connect with that person. 

1.Most important, Do they understand what hair color is?

2.Do they work on more than one client at a time?

3.How often, Do they keep up with education?

4. Are they always on time for  you , Or are the always late?

5.How much hair color chemistry do they have?

6.Do they know what hair color is?

7.Do they know how to repair hair,Not conditioner ?




Contouring gray hair coloring


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