Blonde hair coloring hair color tones by Martin Rodriguez, color my hair 2018


Balayage by Martin Rodriguez


Hair color tones for getting rid of unwanted ,yellow or orange and to create ICY blonds

When it comes to blonde hair color most people assume we are talking about bleach blondes or very light hair. Im going to do my best to explain where the levels of Blonde hair color start. In our coloring guides or what we understand from levels of coloring starting at the lightest level to darkest. By hair Colorist Martin Rodriguez

10. LEVEL lightest BLONDE ,in this level most of the pigment tones has been translucent as much as possible leaving a slight yellow left in the hair.

The lightest levels of blonde are consider at levels 10 and above which can only be achieve by bleaching hair and toning to achieve a desired color tone or to get rid of unwanted yellow or orange brassy tones.

9. light blonde ,same as above but with more of a banana yellow color

level 9

This is a combo if you look close to the base the color is warmer level 7 to the lighter 9 level on the ends

8. Med blonde this level has neural gold and blue left in it.

level 8 color

This is neutral levels 8 with two different levels of developer and gold concentrate on GRAY hair.

7. Level Med blonde  this level is close to level eight it does have more pigment weight the darker we get less orange more yellow left in.

combo level 6-7-9

This is a combination of levels 6 thought 9 WARM tones with neutral and lighters pieces blended.

6.Level this is the last of the blonde series for hair color level 6 is consider the darkest of the blondes due to the heavier weight pigment it has more warm tones in it orange and yellow .

level 6

Level 6 color with lighter ends can you tell how light the ends are and if this color is warm or not.

Look at the color wheel and determine what tones are in hair color that you use each  hair color company may vary in the back ground colors that they use. The only way to determine what is in their line is to swatch out your colors. Hair colors come in many shades from neutral color to golds, Ash tones which could contain either blue or green. Beige tones which is a combination of yellow blue and green . KIN Color Wheel


Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez believes that hair is not just how you want to look, But what you want to express yourself.

 As a stylist, I believe starting with color closer to your natural level, and then increasing the intensity gradually, creates the sun-kissed effect that is both subtly dramatic and luxurious. The Ombre trend was huge and exciting. Yet once the novelty wore off, the boldness of the style was left seeming more cheap than creative. Sombre and Balayage hair painting retain the artistic quality of Ombre color the Variance between the two are huge due to the Gradient pattens that I use while coloring your hair to achieve the best natural looking hair color , while advancing the 

Technique to more masterful levels TO ACHIEVE the desired hair color that the clients want.  Schedule on line at


Are you unhappy with your hair color, WHAT IS THE ONE HAIR COLOR PROBLEM I CAN HELP YOU WITH?

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